Other Religions 

Knowledge is one of the first steps we should all take in promoting an understanding of what others believe, and thereby increasing our tolerance of the views and beliefs of others.  We hope that by researching and learning, we can all learn how to better love and help our fellow human beings. 

If you are interested in how other people seek and worship God you might check these sites

  BBC Religions

  The Pluralism Project at Harvard University – world religions in immigrant communities in the United States, includes but not limited to definitions and characteristics of pluralism, online resources, research, and teachers’ resources.

  Online Gallery / Sacred Contexts – “videos, podcasts, and interactive features to complement the British Library’s online gallery of sacred” (including Sacred exhibition of 2007); “common ground of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.” 

Religions of Indic Origin – Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism

  India’s Religions

  Religion and Ethics - Buddhism (BBC)

  Religion and Ethics – Hinduism (BBC)

  Religion and Ethics – Sikhism (BBC)

  Religion and Ethics - Judaism (BBC)
  Religion and Ethics – Islam (BBC)

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