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Historic Figures from Abingdon

Many key historic figures have lived in our parish, visited or participated in worship at our church. 

- Thomas Jefferson, our nation's third president, attended worship at Abingdon Parish when visiting his boyhood friend John Page at nearby Rosewell Plantation. 

- In 1703, the Rev. George Keith, the first missionary for the Propagation of the Gospel, preached his first sermon in America at Abingdon Church. 

- Abingdon's last colonial rector, the Rev. Thomas Price, also rector of Bruton Parish and the President of William and Mary College, was Gen. Cornwallis' chaplain during the battle of Yorktown in 1781. Because of his Tory (British) sentiments, he was one of three men tried for treason after the revolution. He was later released.

- John Page, another Abingdon parish member, was the Virginia's lay delegate to the 1st General Convention of the Episcopal Church.