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Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser

October 15-31, 2017

Abingdon's second annual Pumpkin Patch was a huge success! 

Thanks to all who supported our Youth Missions by buying, selling, or advertising our fundraiser!

From the Pumpkin Patch to the Mission Field

Funds raised support our youth as they go out to the world to serve and work with others who are in need. This past summer, in 2017, our youth worked in Roanoke, feeding the hungry, growing healthy food, and ministering to the homeless and disadvantaged. In the summer of 2016, our high school students traveled to the Dominican Republic, where they partnered with local churches to pray, work construction, and minister to children and adults.

Where will the youth go next? Wherever they can make a difference by serving!




Our 2017 Mission Trip

To find out about the youth mission to Roanoke, Virginia check out this page:


Our 2016 Mission Trip

To find out about the youth mission to the Dominican Republic, read our blog:



Thank You for Supporting Youth Mission Trips