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I've been baptized

When you are attending Sunday worship and have reached a point when you consider Abingdon to be your church home, let the church office know the date and place of your baptism and you will be accepted as a member. 

To become confirmed in the Episcopal Church, a candidate must have been baptized (in any Christian church), attend formal Episcopal Confirmation classes, and be officially received into the church during one of our confirmation worship services.

Confirmation is a formal process of education and ceremony for our youth and adults.   Confirmation is typically a 3 month annual educational program which establishes a one-on-one personal relationship between a confirmand and a mentor as they work through a structured format of exploration on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Although we always strive to teach our children and adult members the teachings of Christ, it is the process of confirmation that allows an individual to knowingly and willfully reaffirm baptismal vows.  For this reason, we typically request the confirmation process be entered into by our youth only when they have reached an age when they can fully understand the commitment they make with the confirmation vows.  Young people ages 12-18 are eligible.