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During the Service

Acolytes  Our acolytes are the assistants to the priest and lay ministers during our Sunday worship services.  Contrary to common perceptions, acolytes do not have to be just the youth members of our congregation.   In fact, we have adult male and female acolytes that bless our services with their contribution of service to God.

Crucifers, Torch and Banner Bearers  Although the duties of crucifer, torch bearer, and banner bearer are technically performed by our Acolytes, these roles require special mention.  During our procession into the church and recession at the conclusion of a service, these volunteers provide much of the solemn, regal air of our celebration of God's love.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers  Assisting our clergy or performing as licensed servers of bread or wine at communion., our Lay Ministers enrich our worship services and allow us to expand our ability to provide communion to the homebound.

Lay Readers  Each Sunday we are given a special gift by our lay readers.  These members of our congregation read the lessons of the Bible, lead us in prayer, and assist the our priest during baptisms, communion, and other special worship activities

Prayer Intercessors In our worship, the Prayers of the People are lead by parishioners in the pews.  These members guide us through prayers for the world, the church, our community and ourselves.  If you have a good "teacher voice", have the skills for this ministry.

Ushers  The role of the usher is extremely important to us.  During or church services, ushers are always standing by to pass out bulletins, assist those in need, and assist in the passing of the offertory plates.  We are pleased to say that our male and female usher volunteers range from young teens to some of our oldest members.